However, a few clips were found in the trailers … romione. The latter, played by actress Susie Shinner, filmed scenes for the fifth and sixth films that were never released. A deleted scene showing Harry watch a teenage James and Lily. Ramione. Note: Exact same dialogue as what’s in the movie except in a different location. romione. GBAtemp & Scene News It's time once again for a brand new Cemu update! hermione. Some moments appear to be missing), McGonagall seeing Cedric's corpse (trailer), Extended Tournament conversation between Harry and fake Moody, (Unconfirmed) Fawkes healing Harry in Dumbledore's office, Priori Incantatem explanation on Battlements (pics), (Unconfirmed) Details of Barty Jr.'s fate (details seem to be missing given setup in the next film), (Unconfirmed) A shot of Cho crying during Cedric's funeral, (Unconfirmed) The real Mad-Eye Moody at Cedric's funeral, Hermione leaning on Harry’s shoulder during Cedric’s funeral (pic). 14gokussj, elmi and 11 others like this. Emma Watson. ron weasley. Log In Sign Up. Except, maybe there is, because one person has discovered a deleted scene that has ‘reappeared’ in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire… and let me tell you, it’s weird as hell. Hermione worried about Harry and suspicious of Moody (pic), Gryffindor boys looking at something (pics), (Unconfirmed) Herbology and Divination scenes (a report). fan video. ron weasley. Copyright Warner Bros and J.K. Rowling - 2006. Alternate Polyjuice potion discussion in Common Room (BTS, a pic of Hermione found in the initial DVD). The Harry Potter films (2001-2011) had a large amount of footage end up on the cutting room floor; unfortunately, only a fraction of it has been released to the public. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. In addition, a number of viewers, upon the DVD release of the fifth film, complained online about scenes from the theatrical screenings being missing, all claiming several scenes from the book were shown in theaters, implying that an uncut version may have accidentally been screened. hermione granger. 14gokussj, elmi and 11 others like this. 40. User account menu. I want to see them so bad!!! Emma Watson. ron weasley. The latter, played by actress Susie Shinner, filmed scenes for the fifth and sixth films that were never released. A list of known and speculated deleted scenes are as follows, mainly taken from this list:[1]. 6,127 10 10. Harry Potter. romione. Hermione Granger. Harry Potter Unreleased Deleted Scenes foto (UPDATED) added by JBDisneyDemi. hermione granger. Harry Potter. Draco throws his wand. *The Peeves scene *Extended Trevor scene with Percy (a forum) *Ron dialogue outside bathroom about … Harry Potter Unreleased Deleted Scenes фото (UPDATED) added by JBDisneyDemi. emma watson. hermione granger. I think they've deleted very beautiful scenes :(:(:(video. ron weasley. The first cut scene is in Privet Drive, where we meet Harry living under the stairs. draco. fan video. See why other supporters are signing, why this petition is important to them, and share your reason for signing (this will mean a lot to the starter of the petition). hermione. Harry Potter Unreleased Deleted Scenes picha (UPDATED) added by JBDisneyDemi. The Harry Potter logo used in the later films. hermione. Now that the (main) series has been completed, Warner Bros continues to find new ways to keep the magic of the films alive by releasing various products related to the property. Harry Potter Unreleased Deleted Scenes photos (UPDATED) added by JBDisneyDemi. By RattletraPM. Waterfall alternate ending (included in some calendar images among many other photos. Front-page Software. Harry Potter Unreleased Deleted Scenes foto-foto (UPDATED) added by JBDisneyDemi. Wands Prop Replicas Blog Books. Гермиона Грейнджер. Saved by Katelyn Boggs. Posted by. There was supposed to be a scene of them getting their badges at Grimmauld Place, plus a scene on the Hogwarts Express where Ginny comes in and tells them they have to go to their own compartment (a set report on the Weasley Network site by a fan with connections), A scene with Peeves (test screening report on Harry Potter Fan Zone), Harry and Hermione in Potions, with Harry laughing when Snape hits Ron (trailer, pics), Professor Trelawney having a nervous breakdown (Interview with Emma Thompson), Alternate Snape telling Harry of Occulmency (a fan with connection’s report), (Unconfirmed) Knight Bus (set pic of it in a field), Hagrid and McGonagall getting attacked by stunners (BTS photos), Possible scenes with Apple Brook as Professor Grubbly Plank, Class is introduced to Theatrals (report), Extended Snape’s Worst memory (pic & test screening), Sirius and Lupin discussing about James with Harry (forum), Luna, Ginny & Neville standing guard at Umbridge’s office (forum), Circular Room of spinning doors in DoM (test screening), Bellatrix's mask and more lines (test screening), Death Eater levitating Hermione, but she is saved by Ron (forum), The Brains Room in DoM (Interview with Mathew Lewis), Lupin, Moody and Shacklebolt battle footage (pics), Sirius leaning next to Harry during battle (pic), Full Bellatrix/Sirius duel (BTS and a bit is seen in the teaser trailer), Harry in the front of DoM, chasing Bellatrix after Sirius' death (pic), Voldemort wearing a mask in a duel (test screening), (Unconfirmed) Fawkes and fountain statues in battle, More dialogue between Dumbledore and Voldemort (forum), Order witnessing Harry’s possession (pic), Lily talking to Harry during possession (forum, it was in a bit released script), Dumbledore and Harry leaving the Ministry (flashback shown at beginning of the sixth film), Harry skipping stones mourning Sirius (report and pics), Slytherins sulking about their dads in Azkaban (pics), McGonagall recovering in a wheelchair (pic), Harry shouting and throwing in Dumbledore’s office (test screening), (Unconfirmed) Nearly Headless Nick's return (unidentified source), Harry receiving Mirror from Sirius (report), Portrait of Young Lily in Slughorn’s photos (interview with Susie Shinner), Luke Chapman as young Slughorn (his casting), (Unconfirmed) Dumbledore and Harry talk outside the Burrow, (Unconfirmed) Harry tells Ron and Hermione about the prophecy, A cut character named Laurisa (rumored on the wiki), Tattoo Man in Knocturn Alley (seen in the "Make Up with Emma Watson" featurette on Home Media Devices), (Unconfirmed) Slughorn standing up in Great Hall, (Unconfirmed) Romilda giving Harry love potions, Harry playing piano in Slughorn’s office (rare pic), Wool’s Orphanage Boys dormitory (BTS pic), Deleted Quidditch scenes (various castings and photos of the other Quidditch players), (Unconfirmed) Trio encounter Hagrid on way to 3 Broomsticks, Extended Harry looking at Ron love struck (pic), Ron confronting McLaggen in Great Hall (pic), (Unconfirmed) Ginny and Harry talk after Quidditch game, (Unconfirmed) Alternate version of Hermione's birds attacking Ron and her leaving, (Unconfirmed) Eleanor Columbus as Susan Bones (IMDB trivia), Troll dancing tapestry (various filmmaking books), Malfoy tries to hex the necklace, and he poisons the mead (pic), Sanguini the Vampire talking to Luna (pic), Nigel on a toilet witnessing Harry/Malfoy duel (test screening), Dumbledore trying on a horcrux ring (trailer, later reused in DH2), Extended horcrux montage when Harry touches the ring (the casting of Michael Brandt as an older Tom Riddle), Slughorn and Filch in the courtyard (Calendar pic), Harry witnessing Hagrid’s hut on fire with Fang (BTS pic), Harry comes out of a brutal fight with Snape, and Hagrid saves him (Magazine cover), (Unconfirmed) Final Battle (some rumored reports), Hermione and Ron head over to find Dumbledore's corpse in the ground (pic), Ginny on Astronomy tower with the Trio (early screenings), (Unconfirmed) long shots of the lake, establishing a kind of funeral for Dumbledore (pics & videos), (Unconfirmed) Bellatrix's line at Malfoy Manor about Tonks and Lupin, The trio in shock of what has happening (pic), Harry’s loyalty speech upon arrival at the Burrow (BTS), Extended conversation with Scrimgeour (BTS), Krum and Hermione dance (BTS video, some pics), Ron talking to Ginny at the wedding (Calendar pic), Tonks says to Mrs. Weasley that she is pregnant (script), Lupin asking Harry to be Teddy's godfather (pic), Trio cowering behind something in the Burrow (BTS & pics), Death Eaters outside Grimmauld place (Early trailer on HBP Home Media, pic), Trio looking out at Death Eaters in Grimmauld place (pic), Extended Sequece of the Trio preparing to go to the Ministry (pic), Ron questioning Harry's leadership, and Hermione ask him to remove the locket (BTS & pics), Death Eaters kidnapping Luna in the train (test screening), Trio attacked by dementors while camping (test screening), More scenes of Voldemort looking the Elder Wand (test screening), (Unconfirmed) Godric's Hollow monument of Harry and his parents, Extended Harry fighting and getting beat up by Nagini (test screening), (Unconfirmed) Ron and Harry talks after destroy the locket, More intense Scabior scenes (interviews with Nick Moran & David Heyman), Extended and more intense scene of Bellatrix torturing Hermione at Malfoy Manor, Bill talking to Harry after burying Dobby (rare pic), Snape meeting Voldemort at the Hogwarts gate (test screening), Alternate Scene of Harry in the front of Dobby's grave (pic), Ron and Hermione scene at Shell Cottage (forum), Death Eaters apprehending Griphook in Gringotts (pic), Trio hiding from the Death Eathers in Hogsmeade, and a patronus comes to distract them (pic, trailer), Extended Aberforth Dumbledore backstory (test screening), Percy entering Great Hall behind the Weasley's with Fred and George smirking (BTS), Snape & Bellatrix casting a big spell (test screening), Extended scene of Ron and Hermione entering the Chamber of Secrets (pic, script), Snatchers running in the forest (trailer), Extended Destruction of the Hogwarts shield (trailers), Flitwick, Seamus battle footage (test screening), Dean protecting Battlements with Fred & George (forum, interview), More of Harry and Luna conversation about the Grey Lady (script), Draco, Goyle and Zabini enter the Room of Requirement (pic), Neville and Luna fighting in the battle (test screening).