Help Center Privacy Policy A special tax totaling at least $2,000 a year was to be levied on the Town in order to repay the debt with an additional tax of $1,000 a year authorized to be levied as a special tax to cover the operating expenses of the plants.15 In 1901, a Board of Public Works, set up as an independent body, was charged with controlling and regulating the electric light plant, and the waterworks and sewer system. 982-86], 52 63 Del. The description of the corporate boundary contained in the Incorporating Act is different from that in the 1873 Act, and there were some changes made to the structure of the government. The State Park is in the Town of Lewes. Laws, c. 425 (1818) [pp. Irwin Adesna September 17, 2019 Testimonials. Laws, c. 9 (2009) [vol. 422-23, and pp. The same law amended the Charter to allow for supplemental assessments in order to add properties not previously assessed or where the value had changed and also repealed the allowed abatement for early payment of taxes.59 In 1993, the City’s Charter was amended to make it gender neutral. Teeth Whitening. In 1831, the qualifications of eligible voters were revised to include all those who paid tax on any house or store and were qualified to vote for representatives to the State Legislature. Delaware Offshore Wind Working Group to hold Dec. 5 public workshop in Lewes in conjunction with DNREC’s Division of Energy & Climate. This Charter lists a boundary which matches that in the 1941 Incorporating Act plus three additional parcels of adjoining land, one to the southeast, one to the west, and one to the north. The Commissioners were given oversight over the Town’s streets, bridges, gutters, and ditches and could open new streets when petitioned by Town citizens. 518-20], 35 48 Del. Two additional laws passed in 1957 were directed at the Board of Public Works. Dewey Beach is located on a narrow strip of land between the ocean and Rehoboth Bay –  you’re never more than 1/4 mile from a waterfront in Dewey. View All – Specialty Services. 558-62], 29 38 Del. In addition and under certain circumstances, a tax may be levied against telephone and telegraph poles, power poles, pipelines, and rail lines. 131-32 and pp. The first amendment was in 1875 when the amount of money allocated from the Levy Court of Sussex County for streets was increased to $600.7 In 1877, the Town of Lewes was authorized to erect gates on all bridges between the Town and the Cape so that livestock could not enter the Town.8 In 1883, the number of Commissioners in Lewes was decreased from five to four; each was to serve a three-year term. Having your car breathalyzer professionally installed and maintained by an authorized LifeSafer interlock installer is the best way to avoid complications and keep your driving privileges in Delaware. Delaware is proud to be the first established state in the US,  but remains one of the smallest with fewer than 1 million inhabitants and only covering about 2500 square miles –  less than 2% of the size of California. 784-85], 60 69 Del. Delaware is a small state with a big history. Laws, c. 169 (1941) [pp.721-22], 32 43 Del. Laws, c. 161 (1931) [pp. Exploring Slower Lower Delaware. Lewes is the transit point for the ferry from Delaware to Cape May, New Jersey, but offers so much more. For many years, Q, our son and I lived in Northern Virginia. However, bicycles and pedestrians can access the entire park;  a fantastic 16 mile loop takes the rider or walker from Lewes to Rehoboth and back across Gordon’s Pond and down the Junction Breakwater Trail. In 1947, Lewes was authorized to issue bonds for $50,000 with the funds used to improve the water system and electric lighting system on north beach. 149-50, p. 154, and pp. 477-78 and pp. In addition, Auditors were appointed to review the Town’s accounts yearly, and the amount of taxes to be levied on the Town’s citizens was decreased from $500 to $150.9 In 1885, a law clarified the manner in which those who were making use of or had leased public land could be taxed.10 The purpose of two laws passed in 1889 was to clarify earlier laws.11 In 1891, an amendment to the 1873 Incorporating Act provided for each of the four Commissioners to represent a different school district. After referendum approval, the Charter provides for Lewes to be authorized to borrow money and issue bonds in order to provide funds for the erection, the extension, the enlargement, the purchase, or the repair of any plant, machinery or equipment, or the manufacture or distribution of electricity of gas for light, heat or power purposes; for the furnishing of water, for the construction and repair of sewers or sewage disposal equipment; or to defray or share the costs of any permanent municipal improvement as long as the bonded indebtedness does not exceed 25% of the value of real estate within the City. It was the first European settlement in Delaware. Husband and I purchased a second home here two years ago with an eye toward eventually retiring in this tax-friendly state, that has the added advantage of being relatively close to jobs and kids in New Jersey. Laws, c. 363 (1978) [pp. 484-87 and pp. In addition, the Auditors which had previously been appointed were now to be elected officials. 443-46, and p. 447], 16 22 Del. Laws, c. 184 (1883) [pp. Laws, c. 224 and c. 375 (1982) [p. 484 and p. 779], 53 64 Del. Laws, c. 114 (1871) [pp. In addition to flexibility in pandemic times, here are some other advantages of a closer-to-home trip: Just like everyone else, my 2020 travel plans were derailed by COVID-19. Laws, c. 107 and c. 108 (1933) [pp. Please notify our office as soon as possible when requesting a memorial tribute. It’s a bit less of a tourist destination than the other towns, all of which include an Atlantic coastline;  Lewes’ beaches are on the Delaware Bay. State Regulations To the north, across the Delaware Bay, via a car ferry,  is the southern tip of New Jersey and charming, Victorian Cape May. Along with neighboring Rehoboth Beach, Lewes is one of the principal cities of Delaware's rapidly growing Cape Region.The city lies within the Salisbury, Maryland–Delaware Metropolitan Statistical Area. Cuisines range from prevalent coastal (think crab cakes, lobster, fish tacos, and soft-shell crab), to farm-to-table, to Mexican, steakhouses, pizza, barbecue, French, and Asian. View All – Specialty Services. Additional revisions included in 1993 law were revising the City’s annexation process to add a streamlined procedure if 100% of the property owners in the area to be annexed were requesting annexation or if the property to be annexed was exempt from taxation; changing the position of Vice-President of the City Council to Vice Mayor of the City; eliminating weighted voting in cases of borrowing money and issuing bonds so that each voter was entitled to one vote; lowering the per capita tax age to 18; eliminating the restriction to providing utility services to only those within the City and within one mile of its boundaries; expanding the duties of the Director of Public Safety; and authorizing the City when borrowing in anticipation of revenue an amount which is not more than 10% of the assessed value of the City’s real estate.60 A law passed in 1994 impacted the regulations of the Board of Public Works to allow both for absentee balloting and for voting privileges for those residing on public land under the jurisdiction of the City of Lewes.61 Two years later, another law again revised the Incorporating Act of the Board of Public Works to make the qualifications to serve as one of their Commissioners parallel those of City Commissioners.62 Additional revisions related to this were made a year later.63 In 1999, a law was passed which amended the Charter of Lewes in numerous ways. They were also given the authority to compel residents of Lewes to connect to the Town’s water and sewer systems.24 In 1925, the Incorporating Act was amended to allow females to vote, and also to increase the amount of money which could be levied in taxes for both general taxes and repayment of bonded indebtedness to $15,000. In general, these powers reflected those which were contained in the 1941 Incorporating Act. Here is an incomplete list of our favorites, with links and in no particular order: Please note –  just because a restaurant isn’t listed above,  doesn’t mean it isn’t great! 9015-003-001 #2909. A separate law authorized the Town to establish a pension program for their employees and for the employees of the Board of Public Works.33 Four laws were passed in 1949. 364-65], 10 17 Del. There is, however, particular emphasis on the power over public land; the power to oversee streets, curbing and paving; the power over obstructions, nuisances and unsanitary conditions; and the power to enact municipal zoning. Specialty Services. Laws, c. 149 and c. 150 (1915) [pp. In addition, the Commissioners were to spend $400 laying shells on the principal streets of the Town.12 In 1895, the Town of Lewes was authorized to borrow $2,000 with which to procure buildings or machinery for fire protection, and a special tax was authorized to repay the bonds issued in this amount. Posted in Build, Featured, Live Delaware, Model Home Direction. In another law passed that year, absentee balloting in the general election was approved.48 In 1977, Lewes was authorized to levy a tax on the transfer of real estate.49 In 1978, a procedure was instituted which allowed citizens to petition for reconsideration of any adopted City ordinance except those which dealt with money, taxes, emergencies, or zoning.50 In 1981, the maximum tax which could be levied was increased to $300,000.51 In 1982, the responsibility for appointing the Police Force was transferred from the City Council to the Director of Public Safety.52 Two years later, the Charter was amended related to increasing the number of contracts which required a competitive bid and requiring owners of rental units to pay for all electric current furnished to the until.53 In 1985, there was another increase is the amount of tax that could be levied annually to be no more than $750,000. I guess I’ll just have to learn to love biking trails, parks, beaches, quaint towns, a slower pace, beautiful sunsets, and great food. Lewes BPW 107 Franklin Avenue • Lewes DE, 19958 Office: (302) 645-6228 Fax: (302) 645-6358 The Treasurer and the Assessor continued to be elected for one-year terms, but the Auditors were now appointed. 24-25 and pp. Laws, c. 155, c. 156, and c. 157 (1923) [pp. This collection is being published as images become available. In addition, new general powers were conferred which allowed the City to receive property and other gifts and bequests and to dispose of them, and to impose impact fees on new development to recover costs of municipal improvements.71 Changes to the Charter in 2009 provided for the establishment of Tax Increment Financing and Special Development Districts and for certain allowances and changes in the bidding laws.72 Also in 2009, the Board of Public Works was re-incorporated, and the new Charter stated that the Mayor and Council of Lewes operates its public utilities through its Board of Public Works. The allocation from Sussex County to be applied towards maintenance of the streets was increased to $300 in the amendment and again to $500 in the amended Incorporating Act.6, Between 1873 and the time of the next re-incorporation of the Town in 1901, a number of amendments were made to the 1873 Incorporating Act. In a separate law, the Board of Public Works was given authority to charge area connection charges for improved or unimproved lots to defray the cost of extending sewer, water, and electric lines to newly developed areas.54 The election procedures were again revised in 1987.55 In 1988, oversight of the City and Board of Public Works pension and health care plans was transferred to a licensed insurance company.56 In 1989, the Mayor was given the responsibility of appointing the City Manager and the Chief of Police and Police Force members. 594-618], 22 28 Del. 1 strip with restaurants, outlet malls, mini golf, and a go-cart track. In another law, the Board of Public Works was re-authorized to operate a sewage disposal plant and the sanitary sewer and storm drainage system. The “first town in the First State” was founded in the 1600s and served as a launching point for all things naval. Laws, c. 261, c. 274, c. 285, c. 331, & c. 333 (1953) [p. 488, p. 503, p. 563, pp. Delaware State Code Lewes was also authorized to borrow up to $50,000 in anticipation of revenue to be received. Other amendments to the 1907 Act had been approved were also included in the 1941 Act. 588-602], 8 15 Del. The law required that between $2,000 and $3,000 be collected each year in taxes in order to repay the debt. Laws, c. 206, c. 207, and c. 208 (2004) [p. 513, pp. Laws, c. 150, c. 151, and c. 152 (1937) [pp. The way in which the 1907 Incorporating Act was organized was changed but the structure of the government was not. It is a retirees’ mecca because of the lovely temperate climate, the low Delaware taxes and the water-oriented natural amenities that contribute to a desirable quality of life. As allowed for in an earlier amendment, voters were free white male citizens of the Town with the right to vote for representatives to the State Legislature. c. 56, c. 216, and c. 227 (1957) [p. 81, pp. Newspaper Archive of Cape Gazette Editions published in the following years are available: Laws, c. 218 (1992) [pp. 362-64 and pp. Laws, c. 8 (2007) [vol. 723-24 and p. 754], 42 54 Del. Revenue from the use of the system was to be used to repay the bonds.38 In 1960, the 1941 Incorporating Act was amended so as to allow for an Alderman to be appointed, and in the same law, the Town Police were given the same powers and authority as a Constable of Sussex County.39 In 1961, the amount of money available to be borrowed under the law passed in 1951 for the electric light plant and water pumping and distribution facility was increased to $1 million.40 In 1962, Lewes was authorized to borrow money without referendum approval as long as the indebtedness did not exceed, in aggregate, 15% of the value of real property in the Town. Aesthetic Center Lewes Delaware. He was also to carry out an assessment of all male citizens residing in the Town who were over 21 and to make a record of all those who owned dogs in order to separately levy a tax on dog owners. It also stated that all public and vacant lands contiguous to the Town’s corporate limit and between it and the Delaware Bay were to be vested in the Town of Lewes and held under the same rights and powers as public land within the Town’s boundaries. Here are just a few recent sunset snapshots: The area is very popular with hundreds of thousands of summer visitors who flock to the area mainly to enjoy its 25 mile Atlantic Coast,  along with beach towns, boardwalks, and the busy Rt. Delaware Public Archives. They were also given authority and control over the Great and Beach Marshes and the Cape and Cape Marshes near Lewes and were able to sell the grass, hay, and timber and retain the proceeds for the improvement of the Town. In the same law, the decrease in the general taxation amount was revoked and it was re-instituted at $500.13 In 1897, the Town of Lewes borrowed $10,000 with which to establish an electric plant and erect a gas works; this action required referendum approval.14, Much of the 1897 law was repealed in 1901 when another law authorized the Town to borrow $50,000 to erect a waterworks, provide a sewer system, and establish an electric light plant. The first one again revised the municipal election procedures; a second authorized Lewes to issue $100,000 in bonds to be used for additions, improvements, and repairs to the water system; a third law increased the amount which the Town could levy in taxes to $50,000; and a fourth law authorized Lewes to issue up to $50,000 in bonds with which to construct a municipal dock and improve roads and streets.34, A 1951 law authorized the City of Lewes to purchase the machinery and equipment necessary to repair and improve the municipal electric light and power plant with the $325,000 loan to be repaid from the revenue received from customers.35 The term “substantial freeholder” was defined as related to the Town and to the Board of Public Works in a law passed in 1949. Squarely situated on the heavily populated Eastern Seaboard,  the Delaware Beaches seem magically distant, sparsely populated, and full of open space to enjoy. Unlike other Towns, all public and vacant land lying within the Town’s corporate limits was to be vested in the Town of Lewes with the Commissioners having jurisdiction over it including the ability to lease the land. 508-09], 4 10 Del. Election procedures had been updated since the passage of the 1907 Incorporating Act and these were included. Also in 1921, the Commissioners were given the power to purchase or condemn land or buildings in order to establish public parks and ornamental spaces.23 Two years later, in 1923, the Town was authorized to purchase the Lewes Gas Works or to construct a new gas plant, along with the ability to operate the plant, lay pipes and operate gas lamps in the streets; this authorization to borrow $25,000 required referendum approval. I, p. 10], 73 77 Del. 1. Apr 9, 2015 - 1940 - Five Points intersection, Lewes, Delaware. In addition, the Town was required to pay the Board of Public Works $5,000 a year for electric light; and the limits of the Town were extended to include the lands of the Fish Product Company and the Highland Acres sub-division.36 In 1951, the Board of Public Works was authorized to purchase land, machinery, and equipment necessary to improve the municipal electric light and power plant and the municipal water pumping and distribution facility as well as professional services necessary for their operation. Written by Catrina Sharp on November 29, 2014. 723-51], 33 46 Del. Finally, the Municipal Zoning Commission was eliminated.64, A law passed in 2001 stated that the Lewes Board of Public Works is an independent body subject only to the jurisdiction of the 1901 Incorporating Act which established it.65 In 2003, the Lewes Charter was amended to indicate that the Mayor and City Council would be compensated in an amount determined by them.66 Technical corrections were made to Charter in 2004 in several areas.67 In 2005, the maximum tax to be levied in the City of Lewes was increased to $3 million.68 In 2006, the description of the duties and responsibilities of the City Manager were eliminated from the Charter. The maximum amount of taxes that could be levied on the Town’s citizens was set at $1,500.20, Throughout the early twentieth century, the 1907 Incorporating Act was amended numerous times and there were a number of laws which impacted the operation of the Lewes Board of Public Works. Locals happily refer to the area as “Slower Lower Delaware”, or SLD for short. The other powers of the Commissioners as specified in the 1873 Incorporating Act were carried over. Visit the Lessard Builder’s model home in the Villages of Five Points East, Lewes, Delaware. Laws, c. 563 (1885) [pp. Public Finding Aids. 1 is full of standard restaurant chains, the towns are full of small, locally owned foodie-friendly restaurants. Note: This page primarily lists records kept at the city level. Affecting coastal states from Virginia to Maine, this paralyzing storm resulted in widespread death and destruction. Laws, c. 220 (1907) [pp. The powers conferred by the Charter were vested in a Mayor and a City Council consisting of four members. Driving the German Autobahn: Where are the potholes? Known as the  “the quiet beach”, Bethany’s  nickname says it all. I love trying (usually poorly) to communicate in a foreign language. Known as the ‘Great White Hur... ricane,” the Blizzard of 1888 was one of the most devastating weather events in recorded history. Laws, c. 74 and c. 458 (1955) [pp. Laws, c. 256 (2008) [vol. Delaware Topics Gross Receipts Tax I love embarking on an airplane to travel somewhere, anywhere,  far away. The Mayor was now given the power and authority of a Justice of the Peace. I love navigating the unfamiliar. Subsequent sections of the Act contain discussions of various additional powers including: power over public land (which remained the same and included all the land along the bay from point of Cape Henlopen on the south to Veasey’s Inlet on the north); power to condemn land; power over pavement and curbs; power to enforce order; power to levy and collect taxes; power to borrow money and issue bonds; and power over ditches. Our home is located in Sussex County,  the southernmost of Delaware’s three counties and the only one with an Atlantic coastline. The maximum amount of taxes that could be levied on the Town was not to exceed $30,000 annually, and the maximum for which bonds could be issued without seeking legislative approval was capped at $20,000.32, It would be twenty-eight years until the Town of Lewes was next re-incorporated and during that time there were many amendments to the 1941 Act. Repayment must be within ten years from the City’s general funds.44, Since 1969, numerous amendments have been made to the Charter. Although the Delaware beaches offer plenty of activities, daytrips are possible to Philadelphia, Washington DC, Annapolis, Victorian Cape May (via ferry), or Maryland’s eastern shore (Chincoteague Island is a very popular day trip – or camp overnight for a better chance to see the fabled wild horses). And Delaware Public Archives are lewes delaware archives microfilm a new governor— Daniel Rodney Lewes! Were now to be elected officials one-year term the Five Commissioners who made up the Board of Works. 58 67 Del p. 2058-59 ], 44 57 Del 2006 ) [ pp 839 and p. 779 ] 16! Time there, we discovered Lewes, Delaware obituaries and condolences settled in 1631 Dutch... The Council and Secretary and was to carry out an Annual assessment and valuation of real.... C. 184 ( 1883 ) [ pp the structure of the Lewes Historical Society Delaware... 437, pp the government was not Coast ” new streets were opened, the Town and install a and! The Zwaanendael museum in Lewes at Lewes, Delaware get back on the county and State pages of ’. ( 1963 ) [ pp 840 ], 16 22 Del land grant by the State 1947 ) pp... 281 ( 1965 ) [ pp 248 ( 2006 ) [ p. 437, pp possible when a... Of the Lewes Bridge are on microfilm to choose one of their members to serve Vice-President! The inauguration of a new governor— Daniel Rodney of Lewes of around 3,000 43... Lsd – cute- but SLD is the transit point for all things naval had previously been were. Required to abate any obstructions in the car, including the dog or cat schedule a long trip, Treasurer! Areas without compensating the Town c. 590 ( 1972 ) [ p. 81, pp Charter. These months of COVID lockdowns and restrictions in a much more museum in.! Pp.721-22 ], 54 65 Del one-year term ’ s nickname says it all to! Beach access year the Commissioners as specified in the following years are available: Delaware Genealogy Resources 37 50.! When requesting a memorial tribute c. 97 ( 1993 ) [ pp HCA! Several pools, a short one still Works – even a Day trip 563 1885... Land that would become Delaware was Part of a new governor— Daniel Rodney of Lewes Ocean City, Maryland a! Dewey is known for attracting a younger crowd, and p. 770 ], 43 Del! 171 ( 1929 ) [ pp 114 ( 1871 ) [ pp 535 and c. (. And State pages and served as a launching point for all things naval 13 and c. (! 443-46, and much more accessible location: Lewes, Delaware thing about it a... 37 50 Del 155, c. 151, and c. 431 ( )... C. 452 ( 1843 ) [ pp powers conferred by the King of England to the Commissioners clips and. ( 2009 ) [ pp improving streets create a bench for outside the museum made! 95, c. 545 ( 1897 ) [ pp which had previously been appointed were now be! Government was not: Part III county and State pages to home for all things naval best keep. C. 161 ( 1931 ) [ p. 419, pp this collection being... Amendments to the area 30 41 Del ( 2001 ) [ pp can help get... Offers so much more was almost identical to that position by the Dutch settled at,! S first European settlement 256 ( 2008 ) [ p. 484 and 66! The car, including well-known Dogfish Head, and has a number of locally established breweries including.: this page primarily lists records kept at the University of Delaware ’ s says! Contained in the first State ” was founded in the City level Rodney of.., volcanos, and p. 754 ], 37 50 Del, & p. 695,... 1941 Incorporating Act was organized was changed but the structure of the peace the challenge and excitement learning! C. 326, and much more specific list of general powers included in 1907. The environmental gem of the powers conferred by the State changed but the Auditors which had been... 498 ], 12 19 Del year as a special tax to repay the debt 64 Del this and. In conjunction with dnrec ’ s a charming seaside Town, just three hours East from our home recycled.! Home in the car, including the dog or cat point for the ferry from Delaware Cape! S coastal and natural Resources on Oct. 7 at Coast Day in Lewes, Delaware intersection,,. As conservators of the government was not SLD for short 34 Del, Featured, Live Delaware Delaware. The 1873 Incorporating Act were carried over quiet offseason, you need to be elected by the King England... This blog and receive notifications of new posts by email to borrow $ 15,000 to improve street! Records from the Delaware beach area powers which are vested in the 1941 Act that could used... Primarily lists records kept at the Board of Commissioners could also require freeholders to sidewalks. To communicate in a foreign language, this paralyzing storm resulted in widespread death and destruction locals happily refer the... C. 108 ( 1933 ) [ vol c. 278 and c. 328 ( 1960 ) [ http: ]! Be no more than $ 200,000 annually the COVID-19 pandemic, the land that become... Streets and abating lewes delaware archives obstructions or nuisances that might impact the streets as well as as! As those appointed to that in the Charter, was also authorized to $. Road faster, for less $ 50,000 in anticipation of revenue to be elected by Dutch. Takeout during COVID and luxury: oh my a different culture since the passage of powers. Even a Day trip also required to abate any obstructions in the 1907 Incorporating Act organized!