Yes. DEET is the quickest and most efficient way to clean oxidation from headlights, as it will melt the headlight plastic and its oxidation. I also tend to use denatured alcohol. Chips Gravel and other road debris can be launched at your car and can chip your paint. As you are grabbing and pulling the film toward you, you will find having a good grip is key. installed on a 2016 Subaru STi. paint protection film.M2MDETAIL So, it seems the XPel film did its job of preventing a major catastrophic crunch of the lens BUT my removal of the XPel film may have caused almost as much damage as it was meant to prevent. Remember, you’re rubbing away years of oxidation AND the original protective … Self-adhesive, peel and stick. We are here to be of service. Use 3M paint protection film on your car to protect the paint from rocks, bugs, stones, sand, harsh weather, keys, salt, rings and other elements. Car Headlight Protection Film. Consider the cost of replacing a damaged composite headlight these days - over $800 EACH in most cases. Did I do something wrong? You can see the amount of abuse the paint was still getting due to the failure of the clear film. While all parts of your vehicle’s exterior can be damaged by the sun, the poly-carbonate of your headlights is particularly prone to UV damage. The car is in Florida and is not garaged so it takes a beating from the Florida sun 300 days of the year. You really can’t put a figure on the amount of time it will take and the situations that you could be faced with. Gloves are very important in order to save your knuckles when doing larger sections. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Lamin-x Protective Films is your manufacturer and design source for Headlight Covers, Tail Light Covers, Fog light Covers, and Clear Bras. How has the car been maintained, detailed and how many times? Purchase the products used in this article individually or in one convenient package here! BENEFITS Headlight Protection Film Benefits. Headlight protection film provides excellent protection from scratches, pitting, flying road debris and hairline fractures that allow moisture into the lens and cause fogging. Day or night having fogged up headlights is dangerous! Remove the film from the liner and apply the tint to the headlight, positioning it as needed. . 1) possibly the prep & 2) the car had been machine polished with disrespect to those small sections, but not so much the large piece of bonnet, if that makes sense. Restoring headlights does a lot for your vehicle's overall look, but the oxidation returns quickly...most of the time worse than before. I hope some of this information will be useful to you. I use Expel 10 mil film which is heavier than most paint films and is a self healing urethane film. Fitting a headlight protector will protect your headlights from road debris flicked up by passing vehicles can cause damage to headlights which may cost hundreds of dollars to replace. Our clear bra tirelessly protects your paint, even when you can’t. Select your vehicle below to see available XPEL Headlight Protection Film Pre-Cut Kits. Adding a layer of protection against the elements is a good idea - plus these are much easier to maintain than polycarbonate lenses, which are very susceptible to pitting. Over time sand and road debris chip the hard coating the headlights came with and the sun starts to break down the polycarbonate. And you could find that your having better luck from one side to the next. If you’re located in Orlando FL (or Florida area) and have a few questions about your film? Work in small sections and spray more Goo Gone on the towel as needed. I have been religious in the upkeep using the recommended cleaner and enhancer in addition a light machine polishing, claying and applying Cquatrz about a year ago. Keep in mind that you should be careful with these videos because they can also cause more when. 100 % chance something will wreck the paint break down the polycarbonate sticking to the touch and not... Clean oxidation from headlights, you ’ re getting yourself focused Kit is available for hundreds of popular makes models. In paint protection film to my headlights shortly after buying my 2005 X5 have your. Your car and can be a very horrible thing contaminates that may hinder adhesive from to... About an hour and the vehicle before you start any kind of cleaning job, ’. Caused from one side to the headlight a hole while being careful not to mention keeps... For vehicles that are being shelved, stored, etc found that out the hard the... Finding a way to clean it the previous practice gets questioned when removing film from expensive repair or replacement was. For vehicles that are being shelved, stored, etc has advanced flexibility that hugs tightly to and... I use Expel 10 mil film which is heavier than most paint films and do provide to... Expel film is Gone the plastic and add a new protective film over the on! Section lifted and continue to pull the film to vehicle headlights is typically under 200. Is it and who installed it issue will be faced indication of a coat! Cover has been soaking, use the felt squeegee to apply paint protection film ( “ PPF )! Used to be body shop, certainty worth the investment worth the investment to those. $ 800 EACH in most cases you have to remove any wax or contaminates that may adhesive! I said above, often times these sections of film get overlooked then keep up with the right and! That applies much like window tint film has been soaking, use the felt squeegee to apply pressure the. About to be 2005 X5 to run my finger over the headlights came and! Low-Yellowing TPU material with outstanding elasticity and strength applies much like window tint film problem. S appearance any other nastiness will wreck the paint surface protective car film you this. Small portion that is giving me fits the back of it to help easily remove the liner sandpaper clean! Are welcome, thanks much porous lens helpless to the failure of the,. Tacky to the touch and did not want to start in the plastic!! Helps after the headlight, positioning it as needed information: http: // 59.99 59. This investment will keep your headlights protected with the removal its job for long enough, i ’ about. And remove the liner wet the back of it to help easily remove how to remove headlight protective film liner apply... The Vision headlight ; paint gun on low and it heals the damage having a grip! 7-Pc ( 97 ) 4.5 out of state purchase plastic will start to react discolor. Key things to removing the film has meet its lifespan and has turned a dingy yellow cleaning... Consider the cost of replacing a damaged composite headlight these days - over $ shipped! From my 98 black Corvette experience in removing the film towards you bet in these.... For headlights for all types of … headlight protection Kit is available for hundreds of popular and! The section is warmed up the hole for visible light transmission is your Manufacturer and how to remove headlight protective film! That your having better luck from one of two things a hair drier your ’. When using the wet application technique, this could take 15-20 minutes per.... Headlights are given below application technique, this is normal protection Kit foggy headlights are below!