Also, when you suggest taking the Dutch East Indies, is that through a naval invasion from say Corsica or is there some other way to achieve that feat? Then I can get France, Austria, yugo, Greece, Romania and Czechoslovakia. In general this is my strategy, but I run into problems with USSR. This will allow you to skip the focus “Ethiopian War Logistics”, and save 70 days and 70 PP (Political Power); plus you save on equipment needed to handle the resistance in both countries, and you can immediately ask for manpower. Kind of seems like sea would benefit me more than air because it would give me the ability to move around the med sea more freely. hoi4 japan guide la resistance, A guide for HoI4 La Résistance as Japan, now with 72% more sushi! This is all on Normal. Africa is a good opportunity to grind cavalry leader for your general Messe. Sorry to bring this back up, but I've noticed when I justify on France, WT never gets above 20%, yet Britain guarantees France. I'd love to see where you go from here. If justifying doing Italy First, they will reinforce Alpine Line but will leave a week or so later to reinforce Maginot. I pushed the German army out of Bessarabia and took Slovakia, while the Allies swept through central Europe. Note: I haven’t played Japan in multiplayer, but I will advise based on what I’ve seen and played against. With the second approach you can actually defeat both France's and England's fleets in the Mediterrean sea ( if you are carefull ) with the fleet you start the game with ( and those two battleship II you have in dockyards ). I abandon the grand battleplan doctrine (wait what?). Befriend Turkey Turkey : Gains Italian Diplomacy Focus (Opinion of Italy … The console can be opened by pressing the ` key … I think my biggest mistake might be not making tanks and mobile infantry, but I can't seem to make everything and still be effective. the Soviet Union first, and maybe Italy decides to go its own way in 1938. This doctrine also gives good out of supply benefits and reduces attrition, which is critical for fighting in Africa, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Is there any way to not have this happen, or should I be playing on non-historical? Reddit is weird sometimes. You might also want to annex most of Canada for an easier invasion of the United States (before Germany; Soviet Union for last). Germany is one of the most played nations in HoI2. By March 1937 you should be able to have killed ~500k French troops, while losing 35-40k of your own (good players should do much better than me!). This is invading in Nov 1936. Finish the 2 Battleships as early as you can and then switch to convoys, make at least 10-15 light tank armored divisions by the start of the war, switch to Mobile Warfare, research Naval doctrine tree (you can abuse the research bug to finish the tree faster), build CAT and NAVs (station them on your islands),try to get a decryption bonus and build RADARs on Sicily and Sardinia, take the Battlefield Support doctrine tree and research only the half. To get your troops into southern France you need to set up a naval invasion order. The deviations from vanilla, when compared with major non-vanilla MP mods such as Spot, GDU, or JFU/BZKFU, are minor. Just my two cents: make sure to attack along the Alps in Savoy to keep the French line busy. I also never made enough anti tank, which is what I think my downfall was with Russia. I’m not an expert on division design, but I quickly get to a 20w pure infantry with some support companies, and eventually to a 40w pure infantry or 40w 14-4 (inf, art). After Spain you can take France out when Germany invades. Make a beeline for the northern French coast with a fast attack army with leg infantry filling the gap behind, cut everyone off from Paris? I’m sure many things can be improved, but I feel this is a good starting point if you want to have a run at it. I then go Dispersed Industry and Mechanical Computing, then Excavation I, Radio, Light Tank II (L6). It also contains territory in Zara (on the Dalmatian coast) and the Dodecanese (Aegean Sea), with African colonies in Libya, Eritrea, and Somalia. Declare ware after Germany does as France will move their troops to Maginot. It takes around 6-8 hours to unlock all of the achievements on Xbox One. Backstab the allies once you feel comfortable. This little guide is to “give back” to Reddit. When I declared war on France, I did get naval supremacy over 50%, but no idea how to get my troops from Genoa to their naval base( it says I have no access). If you learn to win with those nations you can win with almost any other nation. Once you win the war against England, you can puppet England and release most colonies as puppets (same you did with France). Other than that, HoI4 is a great game and I enjoy playing it. Construction: you start building civilian factories in Tuscany and Latium, as they have the highest level of infrastructure therefore you will build faster. I befriend Bulgaria and and Romania, but Romania goes to Russia. It's not much, but it's more than infantry get. Alas, France is on the brink of civil war with the communists quickly growing in strength. Initial attack.AG Nord 1 - Wilno than Riga (create pocket), after that take LeningradAG Nord 2 - Murmansk and ArchangielskAG Mitte - Minsk, clearing marshes and after that straight to MoskvaAG Sud - Odessa (huge encirclement) than Rostov. hoi4 china multiplayer guide. They took their due, claiming that they were merely League of Nations mandates, while Italy was denied. I usually prepare myself about 90 7inf 2 art divs and some tanks. Change the Italian light armor template asap. I'd also like to know more about how I can nail down the oceans in my area with my navy to so I don't have to worry so much and use 87 divisions for my coasts. You sacrifice far too much to build a strong navy as Germany so basically just use your navy to convoy raid. The 1915 treaty of London promised Italy Turkish lands in Anatolia in exchange for the Western powers gains in the Levant. I need to learn to use special forces better. And yeah, the Allied Navy will wreck yours, even if you make it your top priority. I used mostly 10/0 with all support and the mountaineers whose templates i left untouched. You can puppet most of France instead of annexing, as this will give you more factories and tons of cheap steel to trade from France initially, and less resistance to deal with; you will annex France later for 300 PP, which will also give you their fleet and their airforce (super important; my research avoids naval stuff, so you need some help with other nations’ fleets to be powerful at sea). This guide assumes you have finished the in-game tutorial with Italy. Note: I haven’t played Japan in multiplayer, but I will advise based on what I’ve seen and played against. Once done conquering Yougo and Greece, get ready for the war: position your main army ( hopefully at least 12 Armor and 12 Mountaineers by now ) on the France border and set up a battleplan to get that planning bonus up and ready. Go wide not deep and take their ports while avoiding pushing into the Sahara. I was able to push north but couldnt eventually reach switzerland. At this point, you already have the 1st place and highest score in the game, but you can keep going if you want to see Russia, and then China and Japan, fall for your mighty sword. Italy's war effort went poorly, resulting in defeats in Greece, North Africa, Ethiopia, and the Mediterranean Sea. Others say not to worry about tanks for the first 1.5-2 years. Do you have any advice in that case? One player's computer acts as the 'host.' Thanks to their traits, Italy has a shorter goal time to justify war which goes in accordance to other bonuses given to the fascist countries. And dont go for your faction, for some reason it forces you to add Bulgaria and you dont want that for your Roman borders now do you, Fleets can range from being vital to impractical in the game depending on what country a player chooses. One on Sicily for Malta, then from Malta drop 5 each on the French ports in Tunisia. At this point France should be yours soon. My navy gets murdered badly by France and the UK, but they cannot invade so everything is at a standstill. The new Italy is much stronger than the old and we will force the Turks to keep the British promises. lend lease and constructing on their turf, and it still took about 1 1/2 years. By wartime, they had some 30+ divisions that were perfect for garrison duties. Zuzzu’s Italy Strategy - Hoi4 (1.9.2) version 1.0, May 2020. I've watched a bunch of videos, just can't seem to make things work the same way I watched them. Ðàçìåùåíèå Scovern Hot Springs (historical). I mostly played as Italy because it’s a fun country to start with, and it allows you to experience most aspects of the game from the get go. Usually I only create a shitton of screens as my navy due to my habit of ignoring the navy aspect of this game. Be careful as depending on how the war with England goes, you might need to win against New Zealand or South Africa to “conclude” the war. Remember to periodically ask for manpower to your numerous puppets in Africa and elsewhere. At this point you control the sea without waiting for colonial divisions to reach the Suez or risking failed naval invasions as the first two to three weeks of war will be filled with fierce fighting in the Mediterranean. But I'm just disappointed (in the AI) that you're right. The war will usually go like this: Germany declares war on poland -> france and UK have already garaunteed for Poloand ( because of all that world tension you generated when you got Youg and Greece ) and will delcare war on Germany -> France will remove most of his troops from your borders -> Germany will invite you to the Axis ( do not join them if they invite you before that ) -> Germany will call you to War -> Stomp France while Germany is still busy getting Netherlands and Belgium. List includes detailed help, examples and argument explanations. There is a struggle against experienced UK players, who knows the in and outs of their nation, and as Italy is downright weaker than UK in almost every aspect, you should go on the defensive depending on the situation. Befriend Turkey Focus: you go Industrial Effort, Industrial Effort II, Extra research slot. This guide will teach you how to easily win with the following nations: Germany, France, Romania, China, Brasil, Italy, Spain. Continue browsing in r/hoi4. But Hearts of Iron is still a game about war – preparing for war, researching war re-lated technologies, developing attack plans and then keeping that war machi- ne going until the issue is settled. 80% of the time, it works every time. You can avoid selecting a focus until you have 47 PP to justify on January 27th and declare war on September 19th, 1936; or go with a focus, in which case you will have enough PP on March 2nd, 1936, and will be able to declare war on October 23rd, 1936. Don't try that in multiplayer though. I've read elsewhere that in 1.9.3, there is much more stationed on the main islands than before. Hope you liked it. The realm rejoices as Paradox Interactive announces the launch of Crusader Kings III, the latest entry in the publisher’s grand strategy role-playing game franchise. That way they get boosted from your high command twice (cav divisions count as infantry) and also from generals twice. Upon annexing, I was somewhat disappointed to learn that their lands are all 0% compliant and I was getting no more manpower than I had. I have seen many times Italy players in multiplayer create doomstack fleets, put them on missions, ... More posts from the hoi4 community. I was lucky and managed to score some good wins against France’s navy, although this means I will have a smaller navy once I eventually annex them.